Unique Gifts for the

Holidays and Beyond

If you’re a map lover or a “cartophile” as we say in the trade then you probably want to spread the love. Special occasions are the perfect way to share your map obsession.

For shoppers who want to go the extra mile in originality, but would prefer everything be shipped directly to their doorsteps we are here for you. Just make sure to place your order early enough if you plan on framing your amazing gift. (You can refer to our blog “How to Frame Your Map” for guidance on this.)

The Holidays

Finding the perfect present for your best friend, the hard to shop for spouse, parent or sibling isn’t a small feat. Each year, we enter the holiday season with lofty ambitions to give one-of-a-kind gifts only to find ourselves back on Amazon at the last minute purchasing something generic. Give something special this year that means much more to your loved one than a pair of pajamas.

The Holidays are a great time to purchase a print as a gift. It could be a map of the persons birthplace, the college they attended or the city they currently live in. If you have a travel lover in your life present a map of a place they have been or aspire to go. Explorers of America’s National Parks will love our collection. We have maps of Yosemite, Yellowstone and more. A map is also a unique holiday gift for your corporate clients who are hard to shop for. (In order to receive your order by Christmas be sure to order by December 10th, 2021).

While there's nothing like browsing holiday markets, local boutiques, and department stores for the perfect present, most of us will be doing the bulk of our holiday shopping online. But just because you are shopping from home instead of in a store that doesn't mean you can't still find a unique gift for everyone on your list.

The Anniversary

Beyond the holidays one such occasion to give someone special a map could be an Anniversary. You could purchase a print of the place the couple met, the first city they lived in together or the place they were married.

The Birthday or New Baby

A map can be a great birthday present especially for someone who shares your interest in Cartology. If the person is an adult there are so many choices. The city they grew up in, the university they attended or any place of significance to them.

Another occasion could be the birth of a child. You could give the parents a memorable print of the place the baby was born. This type of gift could become a family heirloom passed on to the new babies children, grandchildren and beyond.

The Move

A map would make a wonderful house warming present, wether the person or couple you are looking for just moved or purchased their first home. A print of the place they live or city they moved too can become a creative piece of memorabilia.

A New Business

If someone you know or a client has opened a new business a map would be a quaint addition to the decor of their space.

You can get lost for hours browsing our large map collection. Whether it’s the holidays, a birthday, anniversary or whatever the occasion, finding a unique gift is HARD…especially year after year for the same people! I am constantly on the look out for unique gift ideas that my recipients won’t have seen before and we have the solution for you! Head to our home page and get shopping. I guarantee you’ll find the perfect something for your special someone. Our maps are guaranteed to bring back memories, inspire future adventures or start a new tradition. I hope these ideas are helpful and can give you cartophile’s a way to share your love of an old and cherished art.

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