Framing Your Map

We don't provide frames for maps as there are just too many options, and the cost to ship a framed map is extremely expensive and risky.  There are many ways to frame your map, ranging from very economical to expensive, depending on your budget and the look you would like to achieve.  These are the most common ways, with our recommendations.

Custom Framing: This is the most expensive way to go, but the results will be spectacular. Take your map to a custom frame shop or retailer, and you can choose the color and type of frame and mat (if you want one).  This usually takes some time depending on the time of year as they can get pretty busy, especially around the holidays.

Do-It-Yourself Framing:  Standard frames (recommended) – Most of our regular sized maps are formatted to fit standard sized frames that you can get from your frame retailer like Michael’s, Joanne’s, Hobby Lobby, Jerry's Artarama, etc.  These frames range in quality and cost and we recommend a higher-quality black frame for your map, with a 1½” to 2” frame thickness.  Avoid the cheap poster frames. The better frames typically cost around $40-$60, although watch for the frequent sales. There are two ways to mount your map with these frames (note – although it’s not imperative that you permanently affix the map to the mount board, if you don’t within a short period of time the print will begin to ripple).

Do-It-Yourself Framing:  Frame sets – Most frame shops and art supply stores carry metal frame sections up to at least 40 inches.  You can get one pair for each side and easily assemble your own frame.  Add glass or Plexiglas and a mount board and you have a very handsome wall-hanging for quite a bit less than custom framing.

 Some tips for mounting:

  • Dry Mounting (recommended) – if you go with a standard wall frame, pick out a frame and bring it to the custom frame area with your map and ask them to dry mount your print. They’ll usually even install the hardware. You can expect this to cost about $25 plus the cost of the frame and you’ll have a great looking product.  The photo below shows standard wall frames from Michael's with dry-mounting.
  • Spray Adhesive Mounting – This can get a little tricky but is a very inexpensive way to frame your print and have it look great. Pick up a can of Scotch Photo Mount or other spray adhesive. You can spray the back of your print and the front of the backing board that comes with your frame and then put them together, however these spray adhesives do not allow you to easily reposition your print, so you only get one chance to get it right. If you only spray one side and press the print on the mounting board, the print can loosen over time.
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