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Prague Czech Republic 1926


Bird’s eye view of Prague, Czech Republic 1926 by Joseph Ruep.

Praha v Době VIII. Sletu Všesokolského 1926. (Prague during the 8th Sokol Rally in 1926)  This is a scarce 1926 Joseph Ruep bird’s-eye view of Prague (Praha), Czech Republic, intended to commutate the 8th Sokol Rally. The view presents Prague as seen from the high above Petřín Hill looking eastward over the Vltava River towards Můstek. Important locations are numbered corresponding to a faint but readable key on verso. Buildings are identified in considerable detail throughout and most are individually identifiable. The view is based upon a painting by Joseph Ruep (1886-1940).
The Sokol movement (from the Slavic word for falcon) was a youth sport movement and gymnastics organization founded in 1862 by Miroslav Tyrš and Jindřich Fügner, pictured to the left and right of the title, respectively. The Sokol inspired Czech nationalism through regular gymnastic festivals called Slets. The popular movement was abolished several times, in particular under the communist regime, from 1940 – 1989, but was re-established in 1990 and remains active today.
This view was published in Prague by Mentor press, 1926.


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Restored bird’s eye view map of Prague, Czech Republic, 1926 by Joseph Ruep. Prague during the 8th Sokol Rally in 1926.

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