Choosing A Frame

For Your Map

We here at Vintage City Maps have put together a guide on how to choose the perfect frame for your restored beauty! Your map has arrived at your door and you can’t wait to hang it on the wall! But now you need a frame and aren’t really sure of how to find one, or what kind to choose. This guide will help you figure out what to look for when purchasing a frame. 

Professional Framing 

Professional framing is always an option. If you take your map to be framed the experts at the shop will help you choose the best style, color and matt to make your piece really stand out. Just a warning that this method can be expensive, but it will look amazing. 


If you choose to frame your map yourself here are a few things to consider.

What Color Frame?

The color of the frame is a really personal choice. A pop of color can always be fun, but it depends on the room, the decor and what other art work may surround the map you purchased. If you want your piece to really stand out, choose a frame that matches a highlight color in your map. (Here is an example of a colorful map.) If color is a little scary you can always make a safe choice with a black frame.

Frame Width

Another thing to consider is the width of the frame. You don’t want the frame to overpower the artwork. We usually recommend a 1 1/2” to 2” width, but it depends on the size of the map purchased and or the matt.

Matting Your Map

If you want to stay with a regular frame color like black another way to add some pop is to purchase a colored matt. If you buy a standard frame they usually come with a cream or white matt. One way to give it a special touch is to have a custom matt cut at a professional shop or at a store like Michael’s. It doesn’t cost that much and adds a bit of professionalism to the framing. 

The Room

The room that your map is hanging in will also dictate the type of frame you’ll want to purchase. For instance if the room has an ornamental feel the frame may need interesting details to complement that type of decor. If your map will be hanging on a wall with other art work it might be beneficial to choose a frame that works well with the existing pieces by way of a similar style or color. By considering the surroundings it will insure your artwork will look its best. 

Where to get Frames

Here are some options if you plan to frame your map yourself:

You can always order from a website, but is best to go in person if possible to really see what you are getting. Good luck and please send us a picture of your framed map at We love to see how our maps grace our customers homes and businesses.

We have included some other details in the Framing Your Map button of the menu if you are interested.

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